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Whole Home Solutions for Home Automation, Security, Fire, and Surveillance.


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*Custom Designed for your home
*Motion Detection, Perimeter Intrusion Protection, Glass Break Detectors, panic buttons, flood protection, and more.
          (learn more about some of the detectors we offer (External Site)
*24 hour monitoring through Acadian
(Find out more)
*Easily integrate into other devices
*All of our systems can be added onto or upgrade in the future
*Remote Access with Total Connect (Find out more below)
Total Connect Subscription required for some services

Home Automation with Total Connect
*Remote Access via phone, computer or tablet
*Control your lights, thermostat, and alarm remotely
*View your camera's remotely 
*Everything can be accomplished with one app via Total Connect
*Set up Event/Scenes to automatically control your devices at a time in the future.  
*For instance, with the power of this app, you could set up an event to control your lights, lock your doors, arm your alarm,  and set the thermostate

*Find out more about the services offerd by Total Connect (External Site)

Total Connect Subscription required for some services

Surveillance Systems
*Interior/Exterior Surveillance
*Overt/Covert Surveillance
*Remote Viewing
*Analog, High Definition, & IP Applications available.
*High Capacity DVR's with solutions specific to your needs.

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Illinois Private Alarm Contractor License 124000986
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